Saturday, May 27, 2006

Episode 26

The trip back was still tense, although the stress was lessened somewhat. Jean had taken out her med kit and was treating Kyioshi's wounds as best she could.

"What did they do to him?" she asked.

Jason shrugged tiredly.

"Whipped him, punched him, electrocuted him, gave him a soothing potion, did it all over again, fed him soap - the works."

Jean shook her head and took out another syringe. Chong Fen shot her a curious look over his shoulders but had to keep his eye on the road.

Yuki and Alec were side by side, Alec asking for details on the Toskan unit. Yuki smiled and tentatively put his arm around her.

"Nice hair ..." Ceri could hear him mutter. Kierra and Milo were sleeping, leaving only Jason to watch over Kyioshi. Sabriye was sitting next to Ceri, but only because Taylor had taken up the seat next to Alec, and was pointedly ignoring everyone by staring out the windows.

"Your friend Ross," Sabriye said, folding her arms. "Is really annoying. How'd you put up with him?"

"Why do i have to answer that?" Ceri asked, face blank.

"Because," Sabriye said, "a few hours ago i found out why he isn't that useless."

Ceri looked at her, brows slightly raised in surprise. Then he turned back to the front, face in neutral.

Sabriye was watching both Yuki and Alec, and how one had an arm around the other.

They seem so close, so fast, she thought. How long before i get this unfeeling idiot to get involved in something?

Sighing, she leant agaisnt him. No reaction. The van rumbled on, moving away from the city and towards an uncertain future. Stars were twinkling by then; a couple of bats flying overhead. Sabriye pulled away, and empty, echoing feeling at the pit of her stomach.

Like a snake, his hand reached and found hers. This time there was no reaction from either of them, only perhaps the slight beginnings of a smile on his lips. The van rumbled on.

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