Friday, December 30, 2005

Episode 12

Chong Fen was painting. Hard to imagine a heavily muscled guy painting, but there he was, with paintbrush held haphazardly in his huge hand. With Jean Muir looking over his shoulder.

"What are you painting?" Jean asked, laughing lightly. "Is that a cross between a dog and a bird, or are you trying to paint the headmaster?"

Chong Fen grinned. He liked being around Jean - she made him feel happy; simple human emotions training was supposed to suppress. 'The perfect warrior is a mirror. It holds nothing, it shows no thoughts.' his uncle used to say.

"Its abstract art." he rumbled.

"Aah, the old excuse." she said, "When you can't do it properly you mess it up and call it abstract."

"And what are you painting?"

Jean turned to show him him. A perfect portrait, all done in charcoal.

"Are you going to colour it?"

Jean screwed up her face. "You kidding me? Charcoal drawings are nice the way they are. I like you the way you are."

Chong Fen nearly blushed. He put on his blank face, so as to not reveal anything he was thinking. A guy! Blush!? His uncle would kill him if he found out. 'A man never gives away his feelings' - one of the early sayings Chong Fen was taught. And that was secondary - feelings weren't supposed to exist in the first place.

"You look weird. Like a stone hit your face or something." Jean said, grinning.

Chiong Fen's blank face broke into churring laughter.

"Jean -"


The Valentine's ball! The Valentine's ball! his brain screamed. Chong Fen paused.

"You paint well." he said, finally.

"Thank you." she smiled, then turned back to her easel.

"Taylor ... " Her voice was throaty. Taylor was dragged, in spite of all his kicking ability, into an empty classroom.

"Like the roses?" Calypso asked. Taylor couldn't help but notice her blouse was clinging very tightly to her body, and she had left the top two buttons undone.

"Now where were we?" she asked, crossing her legs and looking at him with a slight frown.

"I-i have no i-idea." Taylor managed to say. It was all he could do to tear his eyes to her goddess-like face.

"Have you been invited to ball?" she asked. "Have you asked anyone?"

Taylor's mind grasped at something - Alec - but immediately reformed.

"No," he said, eyes staring into hers.

"Good." She smiled. Almost cat-like contentment spread over her face. "Then we'll meet? Tomorrow? You'll enjoy the ball thoroughly."

Taylor gulped, and nodded.

Kyioshi's blog extract
I'll not be blogging for some time. There's news that the reserve guard in Horean has been activated, and magic's in the air. Me, Jason, Milo and Kierra would have to check it out. I hope the best for this mission, its been sometime since the four shinobi set out together.

Taylor's's blog extract
Bartering is an old, out of date system, they say. But look at it this way - I lose Alec, who is just plain, and i gain a hotter, older girl. Somehow bartering suits me well.

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    Anonymous Sam said...

    Oh freak...I posted da other comment to early I guess...'ve molded a very predatory female in your story...Have you ever met a girl like that?!

    9:42 pm  
    Blogger Dienasty said...

    Well, the character's a blown up reflection of a girl do know in real life. lol

    1:22 am  
    Blogger Sam said...

    Meanie...I don't act that way do I?? But it sounds fun the way you're putting it =D...and as for the part where you asked about the girls... It depends on whether the girls in your story are acting the way girls act in your fictional world...or do you want them to act like girls in a non-fictional world?

    8:47 pm  

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