Thursday, December 29, 2005

Episode 10

Kyioshi and Ceri had both left the staffroom when they met the group of prefects. It was dark - bushes to the right, classroom to the left, black shadows where the moonlight couldn't penetrate.

"Good evening," said a boy, his face silvery in the moonlight, "Rather late to be taking a stroll, don't you think?"

Both of them reached behind their backs and pinched their ring finger. Two sensors in the glove activated a small magnetic field around their suits, telling their gadgets (in this case, communicators, ear pieces and scanners) to self destruct in an hours' time if the finger wasn't pinched again.

"Please do not resist. I assure you we'll use any form of magic we see fit to accost you."

Behind his goggles, Ceri studied them. Six prefects - five boys, one girl, all about his age. Only the girl looked experienced enough to summon, but appearances lied. The boy speaking to them looked comfortable, so Ceri assumed he, too, could summon.

Ceri looked at Kyioshi for a split second. His hands were balled, hiding something within, and when he realized Ceri was looking, he flicked two fingers up.

Reaction 2, Ceri grimly noted. Fight, run, hide. If possible. Ceri knew reaction 2 usually melted into reaction 1 - fight until all threats down.

The moon was suddenly hidden behind a cluster of clouds. As the silver around them disappeared, Kyioshi's hand shot out. Two soft explosions; two sources of thick black smoke.

Kyioshi followed up, his body a dark blur, swerving and kicking at the prefects. Ceri grabbed the arm of the nearest boy and executed a hip throw, then sweep kicked the legs of another. He delivered strong blows to a certain point behind their necks, knocking them out.

And then a sudden draught, wiping away all traces of the smoke.

"How worrisome," said the boy. He dusted his hands and stared at both of them imperiously. "How very annoying."

"Shut up, Vora." The girl said, "I want them captured, and if you don't -"

"Oh puh-leez." the boy turned back. Ceri noted he had two leathery ears protruding from his fair hair." Your threats are about as thin as sandpaper. I'm bound by the spell, anyway, with two months to go."

Ceri checked the prefect patrol - only the girl and the comfortable boy left.

Vora turned back to them, claws appearing from the tips of his fingers. "Who first?" he asked.

Kyioshi's hands moved so fast Ceri only caught it when the ground around them exploded with smoke. Vora leapt clear, and snarling, pounced down towards Ceri.

Ceri dodged the first swipe, just as moonlight bathed down on them again. He blocked the second, and then drove his hand into Vora's face, cutting his legs as he went.

The creature slammed into the ground, head hitting the concrete hard.

"That hurt." Vora said, and kicked Ceri off.

"Kyioshi?!" Ceri yelled.

"Not helping you, i expect." the fair haired boy grinned, showing glinting teeth. "Run away."

A muffled yell. Both Ceri and Vora turned in time to see a dark figure appearing behind the two remaining prefects. He knocked them out with two deft strikes.

Vora suddenly vanished, a trickle of golden dust flying back to the girl.

The figure walked back to Ceri.

"We've done enough damage for one mission." Kyioshi growled, "Back to HQ."

Mission Report
The mission regarding both strategy and language papers was a success, but just barely so. We nearly got caught by Watchers, our intel operative was chased, prefects have confirmed sightings and know we were launching an op last night. On top of it all, we engaged with several low level prefects, one of which, subject identified as Calypso Morgan, employed a (low level) Familliar against us.

Number of prefects neutralized: 6

All team members safe.

Personal comment: I'm thinking this is one of the worst missions my team has ever done. I'll do a post mortem with them and the necessary yelling two days from now. Requesting two week inactivity period for my team.

Yours truly,
Kyioshi Miyamoto
s/n: 9857

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