Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Episode 3

Two and a half weeks later

The class was, as usual, chaotic. Hard to imagine that a small class of fifteen could make so much noise.

The five prefects were in their stuck-up corner, laughing their heads off about some poor kid they stole lunch money from.

Taylor was his usual too-good-for-all-of-you self, and was sneering at whatever Alec or Ross said. Both Ceri and Sabriye were ignoring each other, while Chong Fen was silent as usual, playing chess with Jean and raking his eyes over the board. Yuki, though a Centauri member like the rest of them, didn't care for company and was staring out the window.

There were also two other ordinary students in their class - Alestair and Tara. Both were blissfully ignorant that their class held the highest concentration of martial arts specialists, as well as Centauri members in the whole school. The prefects, on the other hand, knew of the existence of the secret society, but had no idea who were in it. Which suited them just fine.

Ceri watched the chess match without much interest - Kyioshi had just informed them that the initial recon had been completed, and that they would be going over the plans later on.

"Isn't that right, Ceri?" Ross asked.

"Uhm - yes. Absolutely" he said, startled by the sudden interruption.

Ross frowned at him. "I was just reassuring Alec here she wasn't fat."


"The staffroom has three primary security features." Kyioshi said, sifting through the cardboard package before him.

"Three's my lucky number." Ross grunted.

"The first is easy - " Kyioshi ignored him, " - a set of CCTV cameras on the outside of the building, no blind spots."

"And how exactly are we going to get past that?" Ceri asked.

Kyioshi lifted a small pocket PC from the pile of papers and handed it to Ross. "Our tech guys implanted a small receiver into the central security mainframe, allowing us full control of the cameras and what they see."

"And I’ll be handling it outside?" Ross asked placidly.

"Correct." Kyioshi nodded, "You'll also be keeping an eye on the second and third problems."

Ceri frowned again, shooting Kyioshi a questioning look.

"There are two major spells weaved in the inside of the staffroom. The first is a summon maintenance spell, keeping 13 watchers continuously patrolling among the tables. They have a random path, and are capable of not only raising a school wide alarm, but to neutralize most threats."

"You mean as in shoot something at us?" Ross asked.

"I don't expect them to kiss you," Kyioshi said delicately. "You don't have to worry. Just surveillance."

Ross snorted. "Easiest job in the world, aye?"

"What's the second spell?" Ceri interrupted.

"Oh," Kyioshi said, "That one's hard. A wave of magic sweeps past the entire room every thirty seconds, recording everything in it. No escape if you're in there."

"So we only have a thirty minute window?!" Ross asked incredulously.

Kyioshi nodded. Ceri whistled. "How're we going to steal the documents? Hard copy or digital?"

"Definitely digital. We scan each page and send to Ross. If we get caught, he still delivers."

Ross shook his head. "Thirty minutes .. ."

"We'll see. Tomorrow night, full stealth suits." Kyioshi handed them their briefing papers, not caring that it was all crumpled.

Three boys left the janitor's closet in two minute intervals, all looking perfectly normal.

Wayne Rye, prefect in charge of patrol group 2, mashed his cigarette into the handrail beside him. He had sneaked into a stairwell just opposite the janitor's closet, having confiscated a fag pack from a student, and had witnessed this totally weird event in complete silence.

Wayne recorded the event in his logbook, under the 'Watch Target' category.

Ross's blog extract

Okay, now with an actual briefing paper to read, this blogging thing seems more interesting.

Let's see, what i did today:

I woke up, brushed my teeth, went to the whole bunch of classes, attended a ... erm, meet with two other guys, and then went back to my dorm. Ceri was already reading, the bugger, so i had no choice but to head out for the com labs for entertainment. Now i'm typing on a smudgy, brown keyboard. Doesn't anyone clean these days?

There it is, my day. I might actually like this blogging thing. Next post, please!

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