Monday, December 26, 2005

Episode 6

Ross ran. The pocket PC was stuffed in a pocket in his stealth suit, and he pulled his hoodie on as he sprinted across the silver lawn.

"After him!" the nearest prefect yelled. Ross leapt over a bush, nearly missing a drain that would have surely sent him flying, and darted left into an empty, pitch black classroom. He pulled up the cloth to cover his mouth, panting, and donned his goggles.

A glare emanated as the classroom door opened, a prefect ambling blindly amongst the tables and chairs. Outside was the sound of rushing feet, and shouts of "Spread out!"

Ross got up and slowly approached the prefect from behind. Headed for the light switch, Ross thought.


The prefect turned around and made a wild, half-hearted grab. Ross stepped silently out of the way. There was an anybody-there? look on the prefect's face, unsure and frightened.

He mumbled something under his breath, and light flickered into his hand. "Shi-" he began, seeing Ross directly in front of him.

The blast of light hit Ross, magnified several times by his night vision. He recoiled, gasping at what seemed like a supernova through the goggles, flaring out of the prefect's hand -

It was pure luck that the prefect didn't yell for help. Ross spun into a kick, his eyes still burning from the light, spots erupting in his vision, but it didn't take sight to use an Aikido joint lock when the prefect was already on the ground and nearby. He quickly followed up with a knock to the head.

After dragging the prefect's unconscious form into a broom cupboard, Ross went back out into the corridors. He had an escape plan ready at the back of his head, and hoping the prefects didn't use any advanced magic, he would get by okay.

Ross made past a fully illuminated classroom and dashed into a clump of bushes. He was now in a garden that connected the classroom blocks to the spell workshops. In the center was a statue of the Greek god Poseidon, surrounded by orchids and creepers.

"The Centauri are up to something tonight, I swear it!"

Ross retreated deeper into the bushes.

"Mark, its not that easy to find proof to support that."

"Proof? Did you see that guy who was running? He was wearing a rubber suit for goodness sakes. That ain't any normal prankster!"

The voices faded away as the prefects continued their search. Heart beating loudly, Ross ran to the marble figure, twisted the center prong of Poseidon's triton and kicked the base.

A small hole opened at the bottom of the statue, revealing a slide similar to the that in the Centauri HQ. Ross clambered in, feet first, then slid down to a small safe room below.

Comfortable was the only way to describe it, Ross thought. There was a lazy chair, a small bed, a fridge one usually found in hotels, and a table with a computer humming away idly. Spartan, but comfortable. Ross sat on the bed.

"Sorry guys - uh," he panted, tapping at the Pocket PC to reestablish the link to the security server. "Prefects are getting restless. They know we're up to something."

"No abort," crackled back Kyioshi. "Unless they've captured you or know who you are. Has your cover been blown?"

"No," Ross said reluctantly. He preferred nothing better than to snuggle into the small bed nearby, but there was a job, and it had to be done. "It's still good."

"Perfect," said Kyioshi, "We've wasted enough time. I want this over and done with."

Ross yawned.

"Hey," It was Ceri's voice crackling over now, "If you fall asleep on the job i swear i'll choke you to death."

Ross brushed aside the threat and disabled the camera feed. Now they were all looped, and only his Pocket PC was getting the real thing. The techies would go over the looped records later on and edit it to make it look believable - Watchers didn't just repeat their movements over and over again. As for the prefect on duty at the security room, Ross sniggered. Kyioshi had taken care of him earlier that night.

"All clear?" Kyioshi asked.

Ross looked over the screens. "All clear."

Hidden by the tall, haphazard stacks of books on the teachers' tables, Ceri silently ran to Ms Lawrence's desk. There was only fifteen minutes to go.

Ross's blog extract

What? You thought i had it? Thought lazy ol' Ross couldn't handle magister prefects with too much of their nose in the air? Thought my Aikido was a waste of time?!

HAH! Think again!


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