Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Episode 9

Ceri couldn't see anything. What was worse was the swishing of velvet directly in front of him, currently paused as the Watcher contemplated this new change.

A hand grabbed Ceri's. Another velvet swish, this time with intent.

Ceri nearly cried out, but a gloved hand clamped his mouth shut. "Shush" - a silent whisper, and then the hand from his mouth was removed and Ceri was dragged by the lapel (his stealth suit had no collars).

He bustled along quickly, completely blinded (night vision goggles hanging uselessly at his chest) and only with a tugging arm to guide him. Ceri was breathing hard, confused and without a sense of direction in the pitch black -

He hit a table.

The following crashes of folder, stationary and what sounded like a well-loved mug brought angry swishes of velvet from the darkness; Ceri felt figures pressing in from all sides, magic was starting to thrum in the air - they were going to get caught -

The person pulling him gave two quick jerks, and Ceri sensed two figures shrivel away back into the aisles. They were constantly moving, and then the pulling guy sharply turned to the right, slamming Ceri against the wall and stumbling.

Into a room; Ceri felt himself hoisted up and groped for a hold - cold metal met his skin, and then further banging along what seemed like a chute.

The lights came on below.

It was dim, mostly reflected off the boardroom's table top, but Ceri could clearly see the figure that had pulled him - Kyioshi. The grille had been put back, and both of them stared down at the room below.

The Watchers had entered - Ceri could see six - and were inspecting the four walls. There was an eerie sense of detachment as the cloaked figures drifted around the room.

Soft as a whisper, but with more force, one spoke: "Magister."

And the word echoed throughout the throng of robes.

Beside him, Kyioshi breathed a sigh of relief. "They bought it. Come - two minutes to get out of here, let's hope nobody catches us on the way out."


Jera found the two boys easily enough, even with all the magical protection the school employed. What stymied him was the source of magic in the room below them.

Carefully avoiding the protection runes embedded within the walls - designed to burn the living daylights out of creatures like him - he floated below. There, in a corner, sat a small ring - the type usually used by magisters to contain summons. One of the boys had left it behind for the Watchers to find.

Satisfied, Jera made haste to reach his master before the boys could escape.

Kyioshi's blog extract
Do you actually believe the unprofessionalism displayed by my charge that night? He acted out of impatience and impulse. Surely his art had taught him well enough to know when to make a strategic retreat?

The ninja in me is disgusted. Ceri is already of a high ranking dan. And yet the teachings beyond the throws and the pins escapes him.

What am i to do?

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