Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Episode 2

Ross and Kyioshi were lounging in the old, unused storeroom behind the cafeteria.

"Bout time," Ross said, "Was going to sleep."

Kyioshi closed the door behind Ceri and gave him their objective: the administration file exco prefects carried while on duty.

"Hold this for awhile," he said, as Ross slouched off the box he had been sitting on and punched a few buttons on the old vending machine rusting away at the corner. The machine gave a forlorn beep.

"Kyioshi Miyamoto. Level 2, serial 9857."

The vending machine - still acting old and forlorn - rumbled aside to reveal an opening. Ross slid in without hesitation.

"Keep the file close." Kyioshi warned. Ceri, hugging the thick black piece of stationary, dissapeared down the chute.

The chute spiralled down 20 meters or so into a few underground chambers. They were formerly bunkers used during the first Sun and Moon wars a hundred years ago - built by the White Sun government to protect important laureates residing at the academy from Black Moon soldiers. And now the chambers were used as Centauri headquarters.

As soon as Kyioshi came sliding out onto the tatami mats laid around the room, they set off towards the Broker's office.

"He's going to give us our next mission, isn't he?" Ross asked.

Kyioshi shrugged and they sank into mismatched sofas in the waiting room outside the office. It was small (the waiting room, not the office), and a few pictures had been put up, probably smuggled from some other part of the school. Through the wall Ceri could hear faint beeping - the mainframe that was the heart of Centauri intelligence.

The door opened, and three people - another Centauri team - stepped out. The lanky, dark skinned boy smiled at Kyioshi, and Kyioshi nodded back in greeting.

"Everything fine, Milo?" Kyioshi said.

"Perfectly, mate. Miss the four of us together, though."

Kyioshi shrugged.

Ceri was ignoring the presense of Sabriye, who hated boys in general and Ceri in particular. Chong Fen, however, was quietly nodding his greeting to them.

"We have to go." Kyioshi motioned, nodding at Milo again as he swept into the office. Ceri and Ross followed silently.

"Any hitches, guys?" The boy (was it boy? Ceri wondered - the Broker was in his twenties ...) asked.

"Yeap," Kyioshi said, putting the stolen file on the table. "Got them confused."

"Good on you." The Broker smiled now, "We're planning to arrange some activities out of the constant nosiness of the prefects. Anyway - "

Ross looked at Ceri.

"Your next mission is going to be longer. About a coupla weeks." The boy took his legs off the table and steepled his fingers, "You know that since training for the various Centauri teams is taking up time, we can't actually study. So you guys would have to nick the Language and Strategy testpapers and get them down here to Intelligence. The boys at the keyboards should have a solution to score As soon enough."

"How long, Gillian?"

Gillian scrunched his face for a moment. "Exam papers probably not even written yet. So two weeks - maybe three. You find out, you're the ninja."

Ross grinned at that. Ceri looked at him. Quizzically.

"So , off you go now - I've got a schedule to sync."

As they left, Ross asked. "So you're the ninja eh?" Why attack when a girl was there?"

To which Ceri distinctively heard Kyioshi reply, "Kissed her in the dark."

Ross's blog extract

Why do ppl keep blogs? I mean, don't they have real life to consider? I'd rather use my precious time sleeping. Or eating. Or doing some Aikido kata that i haven't worked out yet.

Blogging kinda sucks. I'm going to sleep.

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