Friday, December 30, 2005

Episode 11

Valentine's day. Sabriye stared at the notice board, arms folded. Students about her milling like some fierce, untamed river, shouting and pushing about to get a look.

"Hey, it says we're free tonight! Classes end earlier ... dance at the hall tomorrow!" someone yelled nearby.

The crowd roared its approval. Sabriye walked away, pushing through a throng of girls.

"Who're you going with?" Alec, with her hair tied back, fell into step with Sabriye.

"Nobody." She said curtly.

"Not him?"


"Oh, you know, the guy you tolerate more than the others."

Sabriye flicked a curl of dark hair over her shoulder. "Men are pigs. You know that, don't you?"

"What is wrong with you?" Alec said, rolling her eyes. "Why exactly do you hate the other gender so?"

"Sounds very high class, that 'so'. Do you always make sentences like that?"

Alec groaned. "Here we go again. Opinionated little Sab. I could've found myself a normal person, but nooo ... i had to pick you as a friggin friend."

"We bonded. Simple. So how 'bout you?"

"What about me?"

"Who you're going with?"

Alec blushed. But Sabriye was interrupted from making a snide remark by a crowd of girls, the centre of which was -

"Enough ladies. I'll call you later. All of you." Taylor said, looking harried. His golden curls were rumpled badly, where some girls had obviously tried to stroke.

"Here comes boy candy." Sabriye commented, looking very unconcerned.

Alec, on the other hand, was looking very awkward.

"Oh, hello girls." Taylor said, as the crowd dispersed, some of them shooting venomous glares at the two of them.

"So we're girls, while they're ladies?" Sabriye smirked.

Taylor rolled his eyes. "Stupid gits. Like i haven't enough problems already."

"All of them concerning girls?" Alec asked, sounding as if she was trying to be casual. Sabriye hid a grin.

"Not at all," Taylor replied. He shot a glance up and down the hallway, "Centauri business is a pain in the arse."

Alec laughed, a little to loudly. "So are you going t-to the dance. With anybody?"

"No, goodness. I'm actually scared of choosing a girl - might make the others explode." Taylor rolled his eyes again. He sounded very sure of himself, Sabriye noted.

"Then williu goewimme?" Alec asked. Sabriye stared.

"Pardon?" Taylor asked.

"Will you?"

"Do what?"


"To the ball? With who?"

"With me."

"Oh," Taylor looked startled. He glanced nervously up and down the corridor again, then looked back at Alec as if seeing her for the first time. "I suppose - the others won't dare to attack you now, would they? No, they daren't. Wicked Jujutsu, you have - "

At this point Sabriye noted two things. First, he made no mention of his Taekwondo skills, and secondly, he talked too much, too smoothly.

"Yes or no?" She asked, covering for Alec.

"Uh," Taylor frowned. "Okay. Yes."

"Right, "Alec smiled, nervousness gone for the moment. "Meet you tomorrow night?"

"Yes, front of the hall."

And then, blond curls, blue eyes and extrovert personality sauntered off, away from them.

"Arrogant little bastard." Sabriye commented dryly.

"Sab!" Alec said, punching her, "He's my date!"

"And a fat lot of good he'll do. What're you going to wear?


Calypso was extremely ticked off. Not only had her Familiar failed to capture the two Centauri operatives the night before, she had been knocked out by some fool using ninjutsu techniques. Worst yet, she had to take full responsibility with report writing and overall paperwork for their failure. Her failure.

Vera had been told off, and was now attached to her body as his normal role of providing magical abilities. Not that she needed the sue of claws or super reflexes now, but you never knew.

Valentine sickness was in the air. She could almost smell the roses. Calypso blinked. There were roses - a boy was kneeling and presenting a girl a bouquet.

And then she saw something to lift her spirits. An extremely hot guy walking down the corridor. Taylor Griffin.

Not taking off the boy, she reached over and plucked the roses from the star struck couple's arms.

"Hey -" the boy yelled, then realized who he was talking to and decided to shut up.

Still not batting an eyelid, Calypso closed in for the kill.

Chong Fen's blog extract
Does she love me? Even like me?

Alec's blog extract
I'm a strategist. I always have been, what with a father being a general and all. This would, unfortunately, mean that i was brought up to think creatively and critically, so this pisses off some people, typically those that think they're smarter than me.

I don't care if i'm called 'know-it-all' - Sabriye, on the other hand, cares a lot and gets into fight on my behalf. She's too headstrong, IMHO.

Oh, and who says IQ can play a part in your social life? I asked a guy out. Me. Woots! Who knew i could do that. *pats self on back*

Of course, now that i've actually written that down, it kinda seems lame. Sab is sooo going to make fun of me.

PS: I can't wait for tomorrow. Really!

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    Anonymous Sam said...

    Wow...Cedric...If girls had ...such...uhrm...well...i dunno how 2 say this...But, your girls do a lot of neat talking...perfected english...

    9:32 pm  
    Blogger Dienasty said...

    Hmm. I based them on you. *Throws head back and laughs maniacally*

    But, seriously, is that a good thing or a bad thing. Tell me - i need to improve on female characters.

    1:23 am  

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