Monday, December 26, 2005

Episode 7

Warren Tyke wasn't like other prefects. They were steorotyped as gruff and selfish and all things evil, but he knew there also existed those with heart. Like all things in the world, there was good in every bad, and bad in every good.

First and foremost, however, he was needed in the search efforts. The Centauri were, in Warren's mind, no better than the corrupted prefects that were plentiful amongst his ranks. He wasn't a highly placed person - just a platoon leader, but it suited him just fine. And now the Centauri were assaulting him and his prefects' pride.

Warren was human. He didn't like that cheekiness anymore than Wayne Rye (patrol leader 2), who had confided in him that the day before he ahd seen three students from the martial arts stream leave a janitor's closet, and suspected they were Centauri members. Wayne had an intuition that Warren trusted, although he was so corrupted telling the truth was probably against his moral ideals.

"We've lost all trace of them." one of the junior prefects reported dejectedly, "They've made a fool of the magisters again.

Warren gestured for him to continue searching, focusing on other worries. Jim Reilly hadn't returned from the class checks, and no amount of magical messaging had received a response. Warren tried again.

You there Jim? he asked, the thought resonating into empty space. Where the hell are you?

A stir, perhaps. Nothing more. Warren sighed. He'd have to summon - somehting strictly banned for underage magisters by the Guild, but which he had been practising for almost a year now.

Almost all advanced magic relied on summons, and magisters regularly summoned creatures beforehand, attaching a spell to quickly call upon it out on the battlefield.

Warren had once summoned a Nymph, and knew it was a scout by nature. Hidden from the rest, he concentrated on the spell and snapped his fingers. A small golden circle appeared in midair, filled with weird symbols, and a bird-like creature materialised within.

"What?" Jera asked irritably. "Was just enjoying a sunflower seed dinner."

Warren rolled his eyes. "I need you to find a few Centauri members hidden around this school for me. They're dressed in black rubber suits, and we've lost them - "

"Useless humans," Jera cut in.

"- so i want you to be fast, silent and invisible."

Jera didn't bother with an answer. With a flick of his tail he vanished. Not that Warren should worry - non magisters had no way to see cloaked creatures.

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