Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Episode 8

10 minutes to go, Ceri noted. Ms Lawrence's papers were with Kyioshi, being scanned and sent to Ross wirelessly.

"Watcher on the right, five feet."

Ceri took a left and hid behind a rack.

"Take another left, and then go right."

Ceri obeyed, moving quietly. General Warrant's table was still far away, what with Ross's instructions that took him on a long, winding course around the various tables.

Ceri's hands were clammy, and his breaths were coming short and haggard. He wondered why Kyioshi wasn't the one out here doing the running, since he was a ninja and Ceri was just a -

"SHIT!" Ross yelled, "Get your butt moving! Watchers from the right, no, make that your left, another coming up behind you, take a right - "

Ceri tried to follow, heart beating like mad, but Ross's panic was infectious and stupid. Another Watcher was coming from an adjoining aisle in front of him; he could hear the rustling of robes -

"What the hell? Get moving, get moving!"

The three watchers met and turned in different directions, all gliding past an empty aisle.

"Shit!" Ross breathed, "Sh-"

"Watch your mouth," Ceri said, coming out from underneath a table. He had ducked and shielded himself with a stack of boxes at the last second, ignoring Ross's yells.

"Relax," Ceri said, even though there was a weird feeling in his stomach. "Take things slowly."

"Take a right," Ross snapped. Ceri could still hear him breathing heavily through his earpiece.

There were three rows to go - Ceri wished he could make a wild dash for the table, but knew it was foolhardy and pointless.

"Okay, move fast," Ross said, "Dash right - two rows, and then go left."

Ceri did as he was told, lightly stepping past racks and pausing to see the direction the Watchers were moving. He was now just a few steps away from General Warrant's desk.

"A Watcher's going u the aisle - from your left, hide behind a table -"

There was a few tense seconds as the Watcher passed Ceri by. Then he was at General Warrant's desk, leafing through various papers.

"5 minutes left," Kyioshi announced. "You've got to get back, Ceri -"

"Shut up, lemme do this - "

Ceri was now running a pencil thin scanner over the pages of a test paper. Several hundred meters away, Ross's pocket PC began receiving the images, compressing and encrypting as soon as it arrived.

"Ceri - two Watchers coming up behind you - "

"Shush!" Ceri snapped back. "Just one more page - "

Ross stared at the CCTV screen as the cloaked figures steadily approached. He bit his lip, knowing he couldn't say anything to stop Ceri.

"Done!" Ceri said, but too late, the Watchers were almost on him - any moment and they would see -

Ross was still chewing his lip when all the cameras in the staffroom blacked out.

Ceri's blog extract
You have to understand. It was better if the testpapers were with Ross and the mission succeeded. Never mind if i get captured.

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    Anonymous Sam said...

    Oooh!! Climax!! Btw, I dunno if you can change it...but its hard to read through your story if you're doing it like me, from the earlier posts to the more recent ones cause the sidebar only lets you click to entries before the one you're reading...

    So, technically I have to click to the main page before I can read the next post...anything to change that?

    11:08 pm  
    Blogger Dienasty said...

    Hmm. Blogger works like that, i i don't know if there's anything i can do to the template code, but perhaps there might be something in the blogger hacks section of the help that i can use.

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