Monday, January 02, 2006

How To Use This Blog

Just in case you're too warped to understand how to use this blog (which i highly doubt) I'll be giving a brief outline on the sections listed on the sidebar (as seen from the main page).

At the very top would be a brief description of Janus, which i might change from time to time to reflect the growing story.

Next is the Author's Profile (which basically means me, yours truly, the guy that sits in front of a screen to bring you a great story *clears throat and shakes head humbly here*)

After that (scroll down, scroll down) would be the Remote Control section, which provides easy links to important posts made in the past.

And then would be the Links section, in which i display links of sites i deem worthy of your attention.

The rest, such as Episode List and the Archives, are normal blog fanfare, and should be self explanatory.

Oh yeah, and comments are instant and for anybody, with or without a Blogger account. So don't forget to critique me, the plot, or any characters you like/love/would like to see dead.

There you have it. The Dummy's guide to navigating Janus. Hope that wasn't too mind blowing for all of you ... =D

Yours Truly,

The Author

PS: This site is best viewed in Firefox.


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